Robinsons Bank

Robinsons Bank

Commercial Bank Robinsons Bank Corporation provides services for both individuals and legal entities residing in the Philippines. It was renamed in 2011, previously called Robinsons Savings Bank. Now financial organization is a subsidiary of JG Summit Holdings, Inc.

Robinsons Bank

The main specialty is various financial services, lending, secure storage of personal customer funds. The Chairman of the company is Lance Gokongwei, the deputy is Frederick D. Go. Elfren Antonio S. Sarte was appointed President and CEO.


The work of the bank began in the fall of 1997, when the Asian financial crisis occurred. Initially, the company worked under the name Robinsons Savings Bank. By 2002, the bank bought back branches of ABN Amro Savings Bank, as well as a deposit portfolio, a license to use them. Thanks to this investment, the savings bank became the seventh largest in the territory of the Philippines.

A little later, in 2010, Robinsons Bank bought back shares of the Philippine Royal Bank of Scotland and renames it to Robinsons Bank Corporation. As of December 2010, the firm was considered the thirty-first bank in size, the fourteenth among commercial banks in the Philippines. 

The financial institution acquired the company Legazpi Savings Bank (LSB) by 2012, and from that moment new opportunities for development were opened up to it. Gradually, the bank began to expand its target market, opening new business lines in remote areas of the country.

The financial company launched its first debit card Visa in 2016. From that moment, its clients can use a completely safe, practical system for payment of purchases. Also, the product portfolio was expanded in 2017, after the introduction of plastic cards Mastercard. 

The first long-term negotiable deposit certificates of the bank were rewritten, active work began on Internet banking, and a mobile application was created. For 20 years the company has been actively developing, growth indicators are stable, predictable. 

The company’s philosophy is based on the desire to fully satisfy the wishes of visitors and offer them an increased level of services. Adapting digital strategies and working with debit and credit cards is another step to empower your organization.

Robinsons Bank

The owners of Robinsons Bank

The main owner of a financial institution is JG Summit Holdings. This is one of the largest conglomerates on the territory of the country. The main focus is the field of air transport, food production, banking, real estate, publishing and even telecommunications. This organization owns 60.0% of Robinsons Bank. 

The remaining 40.0% is the property of Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. The company is engaged in retail trade and sells its products through pharmacies, supermarkets, various shops. The holding has its own network of supermarkets Robinsons Supermarket and department stores Robinsons Department Store. Brand products are a healthy food, modern clothing and accessories for both girls and boys. Network sells kits for creativity with their own hands (DIY).

The financial institution is also a direct part of the BancNet network of banks. The largest interbank network in the Philippines connects networks of offshore and local banks. Ranked first in terms of annual transactions and the number of member organizations. 

Main branches and ATMs of Robinsons Bank

Robinsons BankFind the nearest branch to you by going to a separate section on the official website. All addresses are sorted, use filters to select an area. To find a branch by keywords, enter them in the box on the right.

The company has a 24-hour hotline, as well as an additional toll-free number for calls of Filipinos.

The main branch of the financial company is located at Ortigas Avenue Corner Edsa, Quezon City.

To contact bank employees, leave your application on the official website. Do not forget to enter the correct personal data so that the answer reaches you. Be sure to fill in all fields of the application and describe your problem in detail.

The company has many accounts in different social networks: it is in most messengers, and you can try to contact through them. For example, there are accounts in Instagram, Twitter, on YouTube.


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