Banco de Oro Unibank

Banco de Oro Unibank

Banco de Oro – — the largest bank in the Philippines. The organization provides a full range of services in its industry: lending (both corporate and consumer), currency exchange, brokerage services, attracting deposits, etc. 

History of Banco de Oro

Banco de Oro UnibankThe BDO company started its activities in 1968. Then the bank had only two branches in the capital of the Philippines – Manila. In those days, the organization worked under the name Acme Savings Bank. In 1976, the bank was acquired by magnate Henry Sy and his holding  Sy Group. After that, the bank was renamed the Savings and Mortgage Bank Banco de Oro. The company has received its current name in 1996. This year the BDO company received the status of a universal bank.

At the moment Banco de Oro is the largest Philippine bank. The main office is located in Makati. The Bank operates not only on the territory of the Philippines. More than a thousand BDO branches and about 4 thousand ATMs are scattered around the world. The activities of the organization are not limited to the Philippine market. Banco de Oro offices can be found in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

The corporate governance of a company is based on five basic principles: fairness, honesty, transparency and accountability. This philosophy is deeply rooted in the Banco de Oro corporate culture. Effective bank management is the result of collective efforts on the part of directors and employees of the company. The considered financial institution maintains the highest standards of ethical behavior and responsible business conduct. The firm cares about customers and protects the interests of its shareholders. 

Banco de Oro Unibank

Who owns the bank?

Prior to the merger with Equitable PCI, shares of the Philippine company BDO were divided between the owners in this way:

  • PCD Nominee Corporation owned shares in the size of 40.09% (of which 35.64% are foreign, and 4.45% belong to the Filipinos);
  • The company SM Investments Corporation owned a 27.41% of shares;
  • The firm Primebridge Holdings held 22.08%;
  • SM Development Corporation had a share of 4.04%;
  • The firm Shoemart owned 3.57% of shares;
  • About 2.45% of shares were on the public market.

After the merger with the credit and financial organization Equitable PCI, the situation changed. Shares were divided in the following way:

  • SM Investments Corporation – 40,87%;
  • Multi-Realty Development Corporation – 8,81%;
  • Sybase Equity Investments Corporation – 5,14%;
  • Shoemart – 2,10%;
  • Sysmart Corporation – 0,14%.

The main shareholder is the Central Depository of the Philippines. However, this organization is more likely to be a trustee than the sole owner.

Main branches

Banco de Oro UnibankMore than a thousand offices of the company and almost four thousand ATMs of BDO Bank are scattered around the world. Credit and financial organization is focused on customers. Branches meet the highest standards in the industry. This is the key to successful business relationships. Thanks to its convenient service, Banco de Oro is the largest credit and financial institution in the Philippines.

For the convenience of customers on the official website of the company there is a special locator. With it, you can quickly find a branch or ATM of BDO. You only need to specify your location, as well as the area. After that, the locator will display the nearest branch or ATM. You can also find a nearby branch of a credit and financial institution simply by entering its name.

There are many BDO offices on the territory of the Philippines. Each of them has its own office hours. However, in general, the branches of credit and financial organization work from 8 am to 5 pm. For specific offices, the time may be slightly offset. For example, some offices are open from 8:30 to 17:30. In order not to stand near the office and not wait for the opening of the bank, it is better to check the working hours in advance. To do this, again, you can use the locator on the official website of the company BDO.



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