Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank AG is a multinational investment company founded in Germany. The firm provides both financial and banking services. The main headquarters of the bank is located in Germany, in the city of Frankfurt.

Deutsche Bank


Deutsche Bank was founded on the territory of Germany, in the city of Berlin, in 1870. The main task of the credit organization was the improvement of commodity relations between international companies, markets and Germany. George Siemens was one of the founders of the bank; Ludwig Bamberger and Adelbert Delbrück also participated in the creation of the company. After the appearance of Deutsche Bank, importers from Germany ceased to depend on the banks of France and Britain.

In 1889 a special branch of a financial company appeared – Deutsch-Asiatische Bank in Berlin, created specifically for the Eastern market. By 1972, all branches were merged into one organization: European-Asian Bank.

Deutsche Bank began its full-fledged work in the Philippines in 1975. Currently, Deutsche Bank has more than two thousand employees from all over the Philippines. The group of companies includes two enterprises at once: Deutsche Regis Partners and a subsidiary of Deutsche Knowledge Services.

Now the company operates in more than 58 countries of the world. In terms of assets, the company is considered the 15th in the world. At the same time, Deutsche Bank is part of the stock market index DAX.

The property of Deutsche Bank in the Philippines

Deutsche BankGlobal Capital Markets (GCM) guarantees minimization of risks and their management, as well as access to the experience in the field of financing solutions. This unit works closely with others on institutional clients and corporate finance. In particular, the GCM includes: “Financing and Solutions” group, markets of debt and share capital.

The Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB) was created in 2017 to target the allocation of available resources and improve service quality. The division unites different directions of the bank for shares, corporate finance, currencies, fixed profit and global operations. 

Corporate finance include industry and regional service groups. They are headed by bank centers in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the United States of America. Accordingly, corporate clients of the bank can receive a full list of the services and financial products they need. 

In order to more quickly respond to growing customer demand for transparency and standardization, as well as growing automation and regulatory expectations, the company initially chose fixed currencies and income. It is they who combine world-class research, highly qualified institutional sales departments and trading experience in various types of markets.

Global Transaction Banking (GTB) – one of the main providers of trade finance, financial and securities distribution services. GTB guarantees the provision of a full range of banking services for any institutions and corporations all over the world.

Investment banking operations of the institution directly support the departments of the “parties of the purchase” and “parties of the sale”, and also affect the outcome of transactions in the category “Bulge Bracket”. The Universal bank can be conditionally divided into three parts: these are the Corporate and Investment Bank, the Private and Commercial Bank, and Asset Management.Deutsche Bank

Main branches and ATMs of Deutsche Bank in the Philippines

The banking company is widespread throughout the country and it is used by tens of thousands of residents in the Philippines. Finding an ATM to withdraw or deposit funds into account is not difficult. 



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