MetrobankMetrobank is the largest financial institution in the Philippines with a leading position in the number of assets and subsidiaries. It considers its mission to create a single financial conglomerate of the country to realize the goals of clients. Financial solutions implemented by the banking company Metrobank are profitable and convenient for potential borrowers and shareholders.


The work of the organization began on September 5, 1962 in the Wellington building, and from that moment it is considered one of the leading in the Philippines. Over time, the number of branches grew, and they appeared not only in the Philippines, but in other countries.

Since August 21, 1981, Metrobank was appointed as a full-fledged universal bank. The central bank issued the company a license with the help of which it could expand the list of its services. After that, Metrobank began to grow more actively, and does not stop its development to this day.


The property of Metrobank

Now Metrobank has a full-fledged network of subsidiaries. These include, for example, First Metro Traveler, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, Remittance UK Limited and many other organizations.

Metrobank is actively selling its shares, so most of them are in private individuals. The property of the company is distributed according to the following scheme:

  • The company PCD Nominee Corporation – 17,5% of the shares.
  • Owner of the bank Metrobank George S.K. – 17,9% of the shares.
  • GT Capital Holdings, Inc. – 36,3%.
  • 82 Alpha Holdings Corporation – 1,22% of the shares.
  • Philippine Geiko Holdings, Inc. – 0,62%.
  • Nove Ferum Holdings, Inc. – 1,7% of the shares. 

You can purchase shares from brokers who are members of the Philippine Stock Exchange. You need to be prepared for the fact that a certain commission or interest may be charged to customers. Its indicator can vary greatly from one broker to another, so it’s worth choosing carefully.

The nominal value of one share is 20.00 PHP. Now they are listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange and labeled as “MBT”. The number and timing of dividend payments depend on how the company worked during the year. As a rule, the bank pays dividends to its customers annually.

Shareholders of the company are always in comfortable conditions and get a steady return on investment due to the high quality of management.

Main branches and ATMs of Metrobank

MetrobankThere are about 2 300 official ATMs in the Philippines. New ones are installed from time to time. To simplify the process of finding ATMs and branches, use the map located on the main website of the banking organization. With it, you can quickly determine the route to the nearest ATM.

Metrobank cares about the comfort of borrowers and shareholders, so it’s possible to order loan products without leaving home, through the official website. You can withdraw or deposit money while traveling. ATMs are located in Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Seoul, Nanjing or Taichung. 


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