Education loan in the Philippines

What is an education loan?

Loans for education are a good idea for students to help them further their education for those that cannot afford it. Filipinos who want to further their education can request a loan for education since they cannot pay for these levels.

It’s essential for these Filipinos citizens because most of them are poor and cannot afford higher education for their children. These loans for higher education will help their children get a better education and the opportunity to get a better job and upgrade their life.Education loan in the Philippines

Education loans have better the lives of Filipinos seeking to study overseas. You can get loans for foreign education if you meet the requirements. This is a big opportunity for Filipinos to extend their horizons when they get loan to study in prestigious universities overseas. People are taking this opportunity because most families cannot raise the amount to send their deserving children to study abroad.

How does Education Loan work?

Banks and financial institutions offer education loans to deserving students as a low-interest rate. The process of awarding the loans differs from one institution to the other, but they generally follow a similar procedure as below:

  • The banks or financial institutions will consider the course of study and the institution applied to by the students.
  • They usually run a background check on the history of the academic qualifications of the student.
  • They calculatе the amount of the loan required, the duration and adequate analyses of worthiness of the student to pay up.
  • Then the banks will investigate the guarantors, which are usually the parents or guardians, including their work profile.

We have prepared all personal education loans in the Philippines

In a bid to help people with their loans in the Philippines, we have prepared all the personal loans and how you can apply. If you want your loan to be approved faster, you will need to follow some steps and approaches. Failure to comply with the right approach will cause a delay in the approval of your education loan or inability to get the loan.

How to apply for a student loan in the Philippines

The first step in applying for a student loan in the Philippines is to make inquiries from the bank. You can go through more than one bank to compare their requirements and interest rates. You will be required to submit some documents, such as the student’s documents and other papers and certificates related to guarantors or parents.

Education loan in the Philippines

The bank will need to check out the salary of the guarantors to determine the amount of education loan that can be offered. You will also want to consider the offers by the school, for some schools gives discounts when you pay your tuition fees in full. You can take advantage of this discount to reduce the cost of the loan in the long run.

How to get an education loan in the Philippines

There are different loan programs that offer personal loans for education, and although they may have a different requirement, the processes are usually similar. We have government education loans that are awarded to selected people based on qualification and merit. These government loans are typically given to people that cannot afford to pay for education.

On the other hand, banks also offer loans, although they might provide higher interest rates than government loans. For these loans, you may need to provide additional documents more documentation and proof that you can pay back the loan. These borrowings are not easy to get approved compared to the government’s loans.

Requirements for borrowers

Generally, there are some general requirements for borrowers to get loans for higher education. Some of the conditions required include:

  • A detailed document of the family income.
  • A Proof of residence or citizenship in the Philippines.
  • A recent passport picture.
  • An educational record of the student and the financial history of all the parties involved.
  • Payslips for some previous month will be required.
  • Fill out the loan application form to be submitted along with the required documents.
  • Photocopy of passbook may be required with a stipulated amount of deposit by the bank.

These are some of the general requirements for borrowers, and some items may be added depending on the institutions. If you want your student loans to be approved, you must have all the necessary documents available on submitting the application form.




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Education for foreigners and study abroad

Getting foreign education could boost chances of better jobs and opportunities, but the cost is exceptionally high. Getting a loan for foreign education is possible with banks in the Philippines to make that dream possible to obtain foreign education.

With the loan for foreign education, many Filipinos can get better knowledge and experience that they can bring back into the country to develop various sectors. They are very expensive and not easy to get like the standard education loan from financial institutions.

Education loan in the Philippines

Meanwhile, foreigners who have become citizens in the Philippines can apply for education loans. These loans will be granted as long as the foreigners meet all the requirements for a loan application by the banks.

Special Considerations for Education Loans

Applying for education loans is not a guarantee that you will get the loan even with all the requirements met. Some special considerations will be required to get a loan from the relevant institution, and some of these special considerations include:

  • Success in learning: special consideration can be given to deserving students who did exceptionally well in their academic work. These students have potential that is recognized, and these can be leveraged as they will likely get a better job with their potential.
  • Students from the poor background: another consideration that is given to a few selected people are those from a poor background with low income. They are allowed to further their education with a loan for higher education.
  • Special courses: there are some courses studied in higher institutions that will attract special consideration. These kinds of loans are usually sponsored by the government to encourage the study of that course.
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