Getting a Mortgage Loan in the Philippines

Getting a Mortgage Loan in the PhilippinesNow it is easy to get a house in the Philippines with affordable mortgage loans, which can be obtained through various financial institutions. Before these institutions were established, it was difficult for people to buy real estate, especially given the high interest rate on housing loans in the Philippines.

Almost everyone can now afford housing loans and repayment plans, which will make it easier to repay them over the long term. For many years mortgage lending in the Philippines has demonstrated growth in the housing sector, which has a positive impact on the country’s economy. People buy housing and improve their standard of living. 

The first and most important advantage of mortgages is the possibility of buying an apartment or a private house, even if you do not have the necessary amount of money and can not accumulate it.

Benefits of Mortgage Loan

We will talk about the benefits of a mortgage loan and the rules to be followed by the person who decides to apply for it. 

  • Owning a property without full payment

The housing loan will allow workers in the Philippines to have a house with a salary, which would not have been possible without investment. It would take years to invest significant savings in housing without an appropriate housing loan program. People had to limit their purchases and needs, save on everything, and still did not have their own place to live.

Getting a Mortgage Loan in the Philippines

Many people choose to buy a home and pay its cost in small installments over several years.

  • Security

Mortgage offers some security to an individual who has made down payment for a home and still has cash in the bank. The cash can be used for other business or to attend to other pressing matters.

  • Leverage

Getting a home loan will offer you an advantage in bank interest when the property appreciates. This has been a business angle for most individuals, and with the mortgage calculator, the individual can make a good business plan. You can save money on the cost of a house or apartment if it becomes more expensive.

  • Business opportunity

Imagine that you are buying a house and paying the mortgage for it, using the rest of the money for investment. In a few years, you will earn more than you could have earned if you had bought a house with your savings.




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Several institutions offer housing loan Philippines at a reasonable rate. However, there are some of these institutions we will recommend for a comprehensive housing loan program as you check out the list below:

  1. BDO

BDO offers all kinds of loans, including home loans to employed people in the Philippines. They offer flexible payment plans that suit the users and can provide a suitable mortgage to those abroad who seek to own a property in the Philippines.

They offer loans to local and foreigners as well, and you can get the application forms from their user-friendly online platform. They provide various kinds of financial services, and you can easily calculate your loans using a home loan Philippines for OFW.

  • Pag-IBIG Fund

Get the lowest interest rate you can find anywhere in the Philippines by becoming a member of this platform. Register to become a member and enjoy a wide range of services, including the online loan payment process and the use of a mobile app for easy access to the platform.

  • BPI Bank of the Philippine Islands

The Bank of the Philippine Islands offers more in terms of full banking services with the use of advanced technology. Get home loans with easy access to the banking platform and monitor your loans from anywhere with its apps available on all platforms. It is a modern solution, very convenient for those who like to travel or travel frequently. You will be pleased with the beneficial interest rates.

  • Metrobank

With easy access to loans, you can borrow up to 80% of your valuable property with one of the top banks in the Philippines. The bank offers a wide range of flexible deals for your mortgage and home loan, and you can use the mortgage calculator on the platform to calculate your mortgage plan.

They are one of the trusted banks in the country and have been offering banking services to the Philippines for a long time. A great support system to provide you with the much-needed support to get your mortgage loan.

  • Security bank

The Security Bank is one of the leading banks in the Philippines, offering its services to a wide range of people and institutions in the country. The bank offers very flexible home loan plans that may provide a 20 years payment plan. This feature is important for many people who want to take expensive housing in the mortgage. They offer all sorts of financing to individuals and institutions with a good and long term payment plan.

  • PBS Bank

Looking for a quick home loan or mortgage plan? Then PBS Bank is the option for you. Get a loan within five days of your application with flexible rates that will suit anyone. This is one of the shortest mortgage application deadlines in the Philippines. The process of application is rather convenient, and you can complete your application online and get approvals within 24 hours.

  • RCBC

RCBC (Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation) has been around since 1960, offering a wide range of financial services. The companies offer fast deals with all processes of application done online. They have a flexible rate and can provide you with an 80% loan on your property. This is a great offer that will attract citizens with small savings.

  • SSS

Use SSS (Social Security System) for your home loan Philippines OFW, and they offer home loans to qualified people. The platform is rigorous on its loan process, and members have to meet the necessary requirements to apply for a loan.

Requirements for Mortgage in the Philippines

There is a general requirement, which an individual must meet up with to obtain a home loan or mortgage loan in the Philippines. There are some of the requirements below:

  1. The applicant must be between 21 to 70 years old;
  2. A form of identity card, a government-issued identity card, or passport for foreigners;
  3. A form of residential address or permit;
  4. Employment status or other supporting documents.

Each mortgage institution may have different requirements, so we advise you to check the list of requirements with the bank of your choice before submitting your application.

Getting a Mortgage Loan in the Philippines

How to Make Mortgage Plan Get Approved

People get a lot of mortgage or housing loans every day, so you have a lot of chances to get approved. But you need to follow these instructions. To make sure that your mortgage plan gets approved, you have to consider the following points:

  • Select a mortgage plan that suits your requirements. Selecting a plan above your level will only lead to you being denied the loan.
  • Whenever you take a loan, always pay upon the due day, so you do not become tagged as a bad creditor. Bad creditors usually fail to get a loan approved because of their bad records, so avoid being in contact with an unethical person as this may count you among the core.
  • Follow each and every instruction on the platform. Make sure you are truthful about every information you provide at the time you are applying. Check the validity of the documents and do not make any misprints on the application form. Give the credit manager true information about yourself.
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