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Cash loans for whatever you need

Loan terms and conditions

  • Age from 21

Loan parameters

Min amountMax amountMin termsMax termsRate
4000 PHP10000 PHP30901 per day



About CashCat

Getting fast online loans in the Philippines with the company «Cashcat».

“Cashcat” company is a leading provider of marketing services for the provision of fast cash loans in the Philippines. It connects consumers of the country with financial institutions, whose pay rates correspond to preferences, wishes and creditworthiness of clients. Fast and convenient solution of financial issues excludes the search of banks, the need to visit them and provides an opportunity to choose the best option among loans.

Stages of drawing up the loan with the company «Cashcat»

There are a few simple steps to draw up a quick online loan. Their list includes:

  • filling out a short application form on the web page of a leading provider of marketing and consulting services for financial institutions and Philippine consumers;
  • waiting for customer credit check results;
  • familiarization with information about the credit rating and options for obtaining a quick loan;
  • selection of the best crediting conditions that match the wishes and preferences of clients;
  • receipt of cash after preliminary approval on a bank card within an hour.  

The convenience of instant loans is confirmed by positive feedback from customers living in the Philippines and using them for their intended purpose.

The benefits of cooperation with the company «Cashcat»

Cooperation with the company “Cashcat” allows to note a number of positive points. These include:

  • selection of favorable terms of crediting, including the size of the Philippine peso amount and the period of its repayment;
  • recalculation of payment for the use of borrowed funds, in case of their return earlier than the established period;
  • no need to specify the reason for submitting an application for issuance of borrowed funds;
  • receiving a loan without making additional payments, prepayments;
  • provision of one identifier when applying for new borrowed funds.

«Cashcat» clients are provided with deferments for loan payment. The time of submitting the next applications for a fast online loan is reduced to 2 minutes.

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