Global Dominion Financing Incorporated
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Loan terms and conditions

  • Age from 21-65
  • Filipino Overseas Workers with valid contracts. Minimum basic salary equivalent to at least P20,000. OFWs who are in the Philippines. OFWs outside the Philippines may also apply (ask us about the Pinoy Abroad loan!) Must have a Co-borrower

Loan parameters

Min amountMax amountMin termsMax termsRate
PHP2,000,000 PHP per day



About GDFI

Global Dominion financing incorporated is ranked among the top three financial institutions in the Philippines. During its existence (more than 10 years), the company has got an impeccable reputation. The best proof of this is the numerous positive reviews.

About the company

GDFI appreciates each of its customers, creating favorable credit conditions. Thanks to this, Filipinos can quickly solve their material problems. The organization cooperates with large enterprises, acting as a reliable provider of financial services.

Global Dominion financing incorporated has more than 60 branches all over the world, which allows analyzing the needs of residents of a particular region, thereby improving its services.

The advantages of GDFI

The company has such advantages as:

  •    the decision on the loan is made within 24 hours;
  •    you do not need to collect a full package of documents;
  •    loyal requirements to the borrower;
  •    low interest rates allow to avoid significant overpayments;
  •    convenient ways to repay the debt;
  •    in 90% of cases Global Dominion makes a positive decision;
  •    free expert advice.

Types of loans

GDFI provides various types of lending. Every Filipino will be able to choose the type of loan suitable for him:

  1.   For doctors – issued for personal needs or for the purchase of medical equipment.
  2.   Personal – instant receiving of cash.
  3.   Car loan – money is issued on the pledge of the vehicle and there is no need to make an initial payment.
  4.   Foreign – it’s possible to submit an application being outside the Philippines. Suitable for business development, tuition fees, medical services, etc.
  5.   Car financing – GDFI will help you to become the owner of the car of your dream.
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