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Personal Loan Made Easy

Loan terms and conditions

  • Age from 21 to 60 years old

Loan parameters

Min amountMax amountMin termsMax termsRate
20000 PHP2000000 PHP9018000,04% per day


  • Phone: (02) 372-6744


About Loansolutions

Loansolutions – is a Philippine credit institution that provides loans online for various purposes. Operating since 2014, it has evolved into the largest network of lenders in the Philippine Islands. The company helps borrowers to find those who will provide loans on favorable terms.

Why you should use the services of Loansolutions

The company appreciates its time and time of customers. On the official site you can get a loan without collateral within three minutes by filling in the appropriate form. Individual calculation of loan maturity and annual interest rate is provided for each borrower.

The goals and corporate principles of Loansolutions are aimed at changing the outdated form of lending and creating a truly trusting union between borrowers and lenders. Therefore, focus on the interests of the client here is not an empty phrase. Anyone who wants to get a loan can get acquainted with the company on its official website. The service contains the information about the organization, as well as about the people who created it.     

Types of loans provided

Depending on their ethnic origin and place of residence, clients can receive two types of loans. The first is a loan for personal needs (medical treatment, travel, home repairs, etc.), which is issued without collateral to people who have Philippine citizenship. The received money will improve the quality of life and help to solve the arising problems.

The second type of loans is available to Filipinos who are outside their home country due to work or study. Loansolutions supports their undertakings and provides money for buying air tickets, investing in foreign projects, purchasing the necessary things. The company will help to cover unforeseen expenses incurred during the trip back to the Philippines.

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