Online Loans in the Philippines

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Online Loans in the Philippines

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About Online Loans in the Philippines

Online Loans in the PhilippinesInstant loans are popular in Russia and in other countries – for example, in the Philippines. You can get the required amount to a card or by a transfer, the only thing you need to do is to make an application. You should carefully consider all requirements and conditions before applying to MFOs. The possibility of approval is high even with already existing loans and delays.

But it’s worth remembering about big interest rates, as they reach several hundred percent per year. The services of microfinance organizations are favorable in the short term. If funds are required for a long period of time – you should get to an ordinary bank. Each MFO has a minimum set of requirements, which a borrower must meet. Online loan is easy to get, but you need to fulfill the requirements, as they can differ.

Advantages of online loans

Online Loans in the PhilippinesCooperation with MFOs is characterized by the following features:

  • wide package of documents confirming income isn’t needed – you only need a passport and a personal card of any bank;
  • application processing is quick – funds can be received in a few minutes;
  • customer can determine the amount by himself or herself, the calculation takes place directly on a website – there are special calculators;
  • easy approval – the presence of a negative credit history will not affect the probability of a loan approval.

Instant formalizing has the opposite side as well. This is a short loan term and overpayment. Before proceeding with the formalization, it is important to summarize your income. Delayed repayment becomes the reason for accrual of fines and penalties.

Where is it better to take an online loan

In the Philippines, microlending is quite developed. There is a wide choice of companies where registration is possible via the Internet. You don’t have to leave your own house in order to formalize a loan. Application processing occurs almost immediately, and customer receives money to a card.


Online Loans in the Philippines

Robocash is one of the most popular companies. Be clicking the following link you can find the conditions, which are as follows:


  • the possible amount is from 1 up to 25 thousand pesos;
  • the loans term is up to 30 days.

The size of the interest rate is not specified anywhere. It is calculated individually. All the necessary information is presented on the website.

Cash Mart

Online Loans in the PhilippinesMFO Cash Mart has been working for many years. Information on the terms and conditions is available by the following link The following credit programs operate:

  • Salary Loan:
  1. from 5 up to 30 thousand pesos;
  2. interest rate is from 0.8 up to 3.5% per day;
  3. loan term is from 1 day;
  • Personal Loan:
  1. up to 30 thousand pesos;
  2. interest rate is up to 3.5% per day;
  3. loan term is from 1 to 30 days;
  • OFW Loan:
  1. from 5 up to 30 thousand pesos;
  2. interest rate is from 1.2 up to 2.5%.

Pera Jet

Online Loans in the PhilippinesThe company lends money to everyone without exception. The official website is by the following link This MFO issues loans in amount from 5 up to 35 thousand PHP to their customers. The loan term is from 3 to 12 months. There are no hidden commissions or other conditions inconvenient for customers. After data is entered, the overpayment, the loan amount and the amount of repayment are reflected immediately on the screen.


Online Loans in the PhilippinesUploan is a fast growing company, offering large sums of money to the citizens of the Philippines. And you can apply right through the Internet as well. The details of the conditions are available by the following link There is a convenient calculator on the website, so you just need to enter the amount in the peso and the number of lending months. All product parameters will be instantly calculated.


Online Loans in the PhilippinesAsteria company has been providing services in the Philippines for a long time. By the following link there is the information about the conditions. The company provides loans in amount from 2 up to 20 thousand PHP for different terms – 61 days, 10 weeks, 3 months. The interest rate is calculated individually. In order to get money, you need a personal bank card. The application is made via the Internet, by specifying personal data.


Online Loans in the PhilippinesIt guarantees 100% probability of an application approval to all customers without exception. The minimum loan amount is 2 thousand pesos, the maximum is 20 thousand pesos. The loan term is relatively small. It is from 1 up to 30 days. Binixo keeps up with the times, so you have the possibility to install a special application in order to control your finances. The official website address is

Loan Solutions

Online Loans in the PhilippinesIt differs from its competitors by the loan amount, which can be borrowed – it is from 14.4 up to 114.4 thousand pesos. And the interest rate is relatively small – it will be only 1.2% per day. The duration of loan repayment is up to 12 months. You can see all the loan conditions by clicking the following link These are provided in the public domain.

Pera 247

Online Loans in the PhilippinesPera 247 provides loans for any purpose for citizens of the Philippines. It provides loans in amount from 2.5 up to 15 thousand PHP. The term can be set from 10 up to 90 days. The size of the interest rate is relatively small. All information is available by the following link There is the own application in order to control the issued funds.

Loan Ranger

Online Loans in the PhilippinesLoan Ranger offers loans in amount from 3,000 up to 10,000 PHP. Terms are flexible enough – from 5 up to 30 days. The interest rate is calculated individually. It can be from 1 up to 3.5% per day. You can order a callback, the application is formalized using a special form.


Online Loans in the PhilippinesYou can get up to 50,000 PHP for up to 5 years. The application is made in the standard way, passport data and other information are specified. Personal offers are indicated by the following link Overpayment will be 1.2% per day.


Requirements for borrowers when formalizing a loan online

Online Loans in the PhilippinesThe requirements are minimal, and the employment is not necessary in most cases. It is not required to provide income certificates. In some cases, though, the requirements may differ. But the standard requirements are the following:

  • age is more than 21 years;
  • citizenship of the Philippines;
  • presence of a passport, as well as a personal bank card.

How to make a loan online approved

You can increase the probability of approval in the following ways:

  • to specify as much information about yourself as possible;
  • to provide accurate, relevant data;
  • to have a good credit history;
  • to have a personal bank card.

Conditions for a loan obtaining

It is important to pay attention to the following conditions of registration:

  • the interest rate size – it determines the amount of overpayment, which is specific;
  • the amount of issued funds – the more it is, the more substantial will be the repayment amount.

How can I repay

Online Loans in the PhilippinesMoney can be repaid in various ways – by making a monthly payment or a daily one. In addition, the repayment can occur in installments, or it can be an one-time payment – in this case you will avoid a large overpayment. It is important to study the available ways of loans repayment in advance. The repayment amount should be deposited to an account in advance, a few days before the next payment date, in order to avoid delays.


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