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Loan terms and conditions

  • Age from 21

Loan parameters

Min amountMax amountMin termsMax termsRate
2000 PHP10000 PHP30900.8 per day



About Peraagad

PeraAgad provides lending services, the organization uses all the capabilities of modern technologies, as a result of which you get favorable loan terms with a low interest rate.

Through “PeraAgad” you can quickly borrow the amount you need and solve your financial difficulties. The financial company appreciates each client, and gives the right to choose the minimum loan term.

Please note that the exclusive loan service package is available only to SMART and TnT subscribers.


PeraAgad has many awards, such as:

  • Mondato Innovation Award
  • Innovative data analysis project in the Asia-Pacific region.

The company provides high-quality lending services in the Philippines, which is reflected in its flawless reputation.

You can pay the loan in a convenient way for you. In case of early repayment of the entire loan amount, you will be refunded a payment in the amount of 10%.  

You can get a free consultation by contacting the manager of the company by contact phone.

Types of loans

To receive an instant loan it is enough to fill in the online form. Employees of the organization will process your application and you can get money to your bank account immediately.

“PeraAgad” provides the following types of lending:

  1. Short-term loan.
  2. Instant loan.
  3. Exclusive package of services for SMART and TнT subscribers.

All the data you have specified is securely protected. “PeraAgad” is a fast and safe way to get money. Extensive experience has allowed us to create for you the most optimal and transparent loan conditions.

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