Salary loan in the Philippines

Need a quick loan before the salary? Many commercial banks have licenses for issuing loans to the public. You can get money if you are a citizen of the Philippines or live here not less than two years. Submit an application for a loan is easy, you need to leave it on the website of the bank you have chosen through a special form.

The advantages of loan against salary

Unlike other types of loans, quick loan before salary can be obtained without opening a bank account. It is convenient – no need to spend time going to the bank.

The average time for consideration of the application is 1-2 weeks, it is less than when considering a traditional long-term loan.

At the same time, the term of a quick loan before salary is small, and the interest on it will be lower than on a long-term loan.

Salary loan in the Philippines

Where is it better to take money before the salary in cash?

You can get money by contacting one of the organizations:

  • commercial bank,
  • social insurance fund;
  • housing loan fund.

Each company offers its own conditions, and you can choose what is more suitable for you. To pre-calculate the interest rate you need to use the loan calculator, which is on available the websites of commercial organizations. It is enough to enter the amount and maturity.




interest rate
for per day
PHP 5000 - 10000
from 30 to 60 days
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PHP 2000 - 20000
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PHP 2000 - 20000
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The main organizations issuing quick loans before the salary: BDO, BPI, Pag-IBIG Fund, Metrobank, Security bank, RCBC, SSS.

Salary loan in the PhilippinesBDO

Universal credit institution providing a wide range of services for companies and individuals. It started its work in 1952. Products offered by the bank: loans and deposits, leasing operations, insurance, treasury and investment services. As well as agricultural loans, debit and credit cards.


Salary loan in the PhilippinesBPI

The bank was founded in 1851. For many years, international rating agencies have admitted it as one of the best banks in the Philippines and in South Asia. The area of bank services: consumer lending services, leasing, securities transactions, insurance, brokerage activities. The bank effectively uses tools to reduce credit risks.

Salary loan in the PhilippinesPag-IBIG Fund

The corporation, which appeared in 1978. It is controlled by the Government of the Philippines, and serves as a housing and reserve fund, bringing together the investments of its members. To get a loan you need to be a member of a corporation. Employers themselves care that their employees become members of the association. You can get a salary based loan quickly, if you regularly pay contributions within 24 months.

Salary loan in the PhilippinesMetrobank

Universal bank, founded in 1962. Leading financial institution in the Philippines. The offered services: money transfers, issuance of credit cards, consumer loans, corporate and commercial banking. It has more than 950 branches, a network of 2,300 ATMs throughout the country. The bank is represented by 32 branches abroad, has subsidiaries.

Salary loan in the PhilippinesSecurity bank

It appeared in 1955. The first private bank under Philippine control. Over the years, it has become one of the most stable in its industry, for which repeatedly received awards. It provides banking services to corporate and private clients. The bank has subsidiaries. The bank’s mission is based on serving clients ‘ interests.

Salary loan in the PhilippinesRCBC

It was founded in 1960. Now it is one of the largest banks in the Philippines. As of the end of 2015, it has a total amount of 516.6 billion pesos. Most of RCBC belongs to the Yuchengco group of companies. This is one of the oldest associations in Southeast Asia, includes the larger 60 enterprises.

Salary loan in the PhilippinesSSS

The Social Insurance Fund allows the working population, who paying for itself mandatory or voluntary contributions, to receive a salary loan. To apply you must have paid 36 monthly contributions. At the same time at least 6 paid in the last 12 months. If the employer does not pay your dues to the SSS in time, they will not give you a loan. The loan will be also denied to persons over 65 years of age, persons with disabilities, and persons who have committed fraud against this organization. The period of consideration is 2-3 weeks.

Comparisons of conditions offered by companies are given in the table.

Loan conditions

Bank Loan amount Interest rate (months) Loan term (months) Minimum income (months)
BDO 10 000 – 1 000 000 1,3 6 – 36 20 000
BPI 20 000 – 1 000 000 1,2 23 – 36 25 000
Pag-IBIG Fund 80% of the total amount of contributions. 0.89 6-24 20 000
metrobank 10 000 – 30 000 1,3 6-24 20 000
security bank 10 000 – 1 000 000 1,39-1,69 12 – 36 15 000

The requirements

Getting a loan immediately before the salary is easy. Leaving the application online, you can significantly save your time.

To get money almost instantly, follow three steps:

  1. Leave the application on the bank’s website;
  2. Accept the terms of the contract;
  3. After approval of the application, visit the bank office to get cash.

What needs to be done to get a salary loan approved?

Salary loan in the PhilippinesIn order to a loan will be approved, the customer must have a good credit history. This is the main criterion that determines the likelihood of approval of the application.

The size of the interest rate depends on the credit history. If the client had several late payments or took a lot of loans, he may be denied a loan.

Credit history – a report on how you repay your loans. It contains information about the regularity of payments, the number of overdue contributions and their regularity. It is based on the data:

  1. Your name and number issued by the Government for your identification;
  2. Information that affects your creditworthiness: bankruptcy, debts;
  3. Credit history challenge report;
  4. Invoices issued by creditors.

To get a loan quickly, start building a positive credit history now. Timely repayment of debts on loans and the availability of a credit card are two main conditions on which a good credit history is built. If you missed the due date, make a payment as soon as possible, the debt overdue by less than 30 days does not worsen your credit history. Banks interpret such omissions as unintentional, arisen due to untimely receipt of the document for payment or customer forgetfulness. Good stable work also has a positive effect on credit history.

If you have a debt, you need to keep it low so that it does not have a strong impact on the history of loans.

Conditions for obtaining a loan

Salary loan in the PhilippinesIt is necessary to meet the criteria to get a loan with easy approval:

  1. A citizen of the Philippines or a foreigner living in the Philippines for more than 2 years.
  2. Age from 21 years, but not more than 70 years at the time of loan repayment.
  3. Minimum annual income: 120,000 pesos for employees.
  4. Housing contract.
  5. Accounts in other banks.
  6. For employees work experience not less than 12 months.

How to return?

Salary loan in the PhilippinesAccording to the terms of the signed contract, the client must make monthly payments to repay the debt. If he does not, then the bank charges high fines. In addition, his credit history deteriorates.

To avoid the occurrence of delay, you need to make payment in advance, 2-3 days before the deadline. This time may be required to credit the transfer to the financial institution details.

You can deposit money to the loan account:

  • at the bank’s cashier;
  • transfer from your account in online banking;
  • recharge in an ATM, if such a service is provided.

Before signing a payment order, you need to carefully check all the details and amount of the transfer. The borrower is responsible for the payment.

So, take a salary loan cash is not difficult. Lending terms are transparent and available to every citizen.

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